ultrasound machine for sale in Miami

A Quick Introduction to Ultrasounds

If you run a medical facility, you may be looking at an ultrasound machine for sale. These devices are used to capture images of the human body by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through it. The waves that bounce back are what

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home ultrasound machine in Miami

Portable Ultrasound Systems Vs Console Ultrasound Systems.

Is your organization looking for ultrasound medical equipment, but they don’t know who to buy it from? Maybe they tried another seller, but they lacked the knowledge and information when you asked them questions. Here at Integra Medical Systems in Miami,

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Heart Ultrasound in Miami

The Differences Between Electrocardiograms and Echocardiograms

The enormous technological advances reached in recent years have impulsed the medical field into taking giant leaps towards understanding and potentially overcoming critical diseases affecting the human condition. One of the most sought-after studies focuses on the heart, the muscular organ

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How Does an Ultrasound Transducer Work ?

Ultrasound imaging has been used for years, and for a number of reasons; this non-invasive machine can give a doctor an inside look at your organs! Ultrasound transducers create soundwaves during the imaging process, and pictures are produced of what is

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Portable ultrasound near Miami

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines have been used in the medical profession for years as a diagnostic tool, but thanks to the advances of technology, a portable ultrasound can change the way medical offices treat and diagnose their patients. Integra Medical Systems in Miami

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Why So Many People Use a Portable Ultrasound Machine

One of the latest trends in the medical industry is the use of a portable ultrasound machine. This convenient and efficient device is sure to be just what your medical facility needs. Here at Integra Medical Systems, we have exactly what

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Ultrasound technology in Miami

Everything About ALPINION’s Ultrasound Technology

If you work in the medical profession, you know how helpful an ultrasound machine can be, that is why ALPINION is always working to improve its ultrasound technology so it can provide innovative and cutting edge machines and platforms to make

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Why Your Business Needs a Portable Ultrasound Machine

When it comes to an ultrasound machine, do you have the necessary equipment you need? The success of your business depends on it. You may be asking yourself why your company would need a portable ultrasound? The experts at Integra Medical

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This Is How an Ultrasound Really Works

A handheld ultrasound is used for a number of reasons; this non-invasive machine can give a doctor an inside look at your organs! Similarly to an echocardiogram machine, an ultrasound uses soundwaves to create pictures of what is going on inside

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ultrasound scan in Miami

What Happens During a Pelvic Ultrasound and the Benefits?

A pelvic ultrasound is one of the non-invasive diagnostic examinations that creates images that are utilized to check organs and structures present in the female pelvis. It helps by providing rapid visualization of the pelvic organs like cervix, vagina, ovaries, fallopian

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Ultrasound tech in Miami

Ultrasound Tech: What We Should Be Looking Forward To

In every field, technology has continued to grow and develop, leading to new trends and advancements. Ultrasound tech is no exception. Throughout the years, new additions to the field, like the portable ultrasound machine, have made getting these tests and scans

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Doppler ultrasound in Miami

Reasons a Doppler Ultrasound During a Pregnancy Is Safe

During pregnancy, everything is scarier. You’re not only worried about your own health, but you’re also concerned about your unborn baby. However, when it comes to a Doppler ultrasound, you shouldn’t be worried. Using an ultrasound machine during the nine months

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