Reasons a Doppler Ultrasound During a Pregnancy Is Safe

Doppler ultrasound in Miami

During pregnancy, everything is scarier. You’re not only worried about your own health, but you’re also concerned about your unborn baby. However, when it comes to a Doppler ultrasound, you shouldn’t be worried. Using an ultrasound machine during the nine months of pregnancy is completely safe, and the experts at Integra Medical Systems in Miami wants to make sure you understand why and how do you feel comfortable every time one is used. Keep reading to learn more about these tests and machines!


What Is a Doppler Ultrasound?

There are many reasons a doctor may use an ultrasound machine or a doppler scan during your pregnancy. A doppler is used to measure the blood flow that is flowing through the umbilical cord and into the different parts of your baby’s body. Including the brain and heart. These types of scans are conducted to show whether or not the baby is getting all of the oxygen and nutrients from the placenta that they need to live and grow. This scan can be done at the same time as any other ultrasound that you have because the same equipment is used; there is just a Doppler function on the machine. The transducer that is placed on your stomach transmits sound waves into your body that bounce off of the blood flow in your baby’s body through the umbilical cord and blood circulation system. An image is then created from these sound waves and is displayed on the screen, which shows the technician how well the baby’s blood is flowing. This test can give your doctor a look at how well your baby is developing.  The entire test only takes a few minutes to complete. 


Like any other test that is conducted, Doppler scans are safe to have during pregnancy as long as a trained professional is conducting them. This scan will give a clear image of how your baby is growing and what the condition of their health is. However, it is important to note that Doppler scans should not be used before you are in your twenty-fourth week of pregnancy because when they are used correctly, the Doppler presents no risk to your baby in the second or third trimester. 


Your doctor may ask that you have a Doppler scan for a number of different reasons, especially if you need extra care during pregnancy. Some reasons may include you have low or high BMI, you’re carrying multiples, you have an existing condition like diabetes, you smoke, your baby isn’t growing at a healthy rate, you’ve given birth to a small baby, or you’ve suffered a miscarriage or loss your baby at birth. During the scan, the sonographer will examine different areas of your baby, depending on what information your doctor is looking to examine.


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