Ultrasound Tech: What We Should Be Looking Forward To

Ultrasound tech in Miami

In every field, technology has continued to grow and develop, leading to new trends and advancements. Ultrasound tech is no exception. Throughout the years, new additions to the field, like the portable ultrasound machine, have made getting these tests and scans easier for patients all over the world. Integra Medical Systems in Miami can help figure out what this new technology is and how it is transforming the world of ultrasound scans.


The New Trends In Ultrasound Tech

Over the past few years, advancements in technology have made significant differences in the world of medicine and medical testing. For example, a portable ultrasound machine has made it easier for doctors to treat patients that can’t make it into the testing room, but need to have an ultrasound done quickly. Again, tech has continued to change, and there have been even more fantastic things happening. Keep reading for more information on the new trends we’re seeing!


In today’s world of healthcare reform doctors are required to be more productive and increase the number of patients they are seeing, but without sacrificing the quality of treatment, they’re providing. This can be an issue when imaging scans are required for certain patients. However, thanks to new technologies and the new generation of ultrasound machines that now feature less dropdown menu options, fewer keystrokes, automation of measurements, and faster processing time these tests are now being completed in record time, and the patients are still receiving exceptional care. Another advancement in technology that’s having a significant impact on ultrasound technology is the use of artificial intelligence. Before artificial intelligence was integrated into ultrasound machines a lot of tasks like quantification and picking out ideal image slices to form datasets was up to the technician overseeing the test, but now thanks to AI these tasks can be handled, and the technician can save time! 3-D ultrasounds used to only be available in extreme conditions because of the large expense that was associated with conducting that kind of test. However, thanks to more advancements, these tests have become more widely available and are now used for therapies like transcatheter structural heart interventions. These 3-D ultrasounds have provided a surgeon’s view on the inside of the body, making it much easier to diagnose and treat certain conditions. There are also more viewing methods and options for both a 2-D and 3-D ultrasound. These new views have offered doctors new ways of reconstructing images and re-evaluating what is happening in a patient’s body. For instance, when it comes to the fetal heartbeat during pregnancy, it can be extremely difficult to detect given the small size of the heart and the fast rate at which it beats. However, thanks to these innovative viewing options doctors and technicians are now able to not only get a reading on the heartbeat, but they are also able to view it entirely to figure out if there are any heart defects present before birth. 


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