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Different Uses of Ultrasound Machines
Diagnostic Imaging

 Ultrasound is used by medical professionals for numerous diagnostic purposes, and can assist with diagnosing various conditions affecting the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus, along with cardiac and vascular structures. Ultrasound imaging can also detect underlying issues affecting the internal organs, but isn’t great at transmitting through bones due to their density nor organs that hold air or gas


Sonography can assist with determining when a woman’s baby is due. Moreover, gynecologists use ultrasound to detect the presence of multiple children, birth defects, issues with the placental tissue, and other various complications

Therapeutic Treatments

 Ultrasound imaging cannot assist with dense materials such as bone, but it can be used for detecting and treatment of soft tissue injuries. This means physical therapists can use it as well as physicians.

Medical Procedures

 Generally, the use of ultrasound imaging is to avoid needing to have more invasive procedures. However, it can also be a tool to aid a physician in performing an invasive surgery and can assist with making the procedure a lot less intrusive than it would be otherwise, and also improves the chances of a procedure’s success and decreases the chances of any complications

Medical Specialty

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