Integra Medical Systems LLC is one most active ultrasound machines and portable ultrasound machines dealer in the USA with more than 20 years of experience. Our organization is made up of professionals from different backgrounds and perfectly trained to provide you with all the answers you might have at any time.

We represent ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, one of the most advanced companies in technologies associated to ultrasound as the high-class single crystal transducer technology. ALPINION with headquarter in South Korea and part of ILJIN Groupis one of the fast-growing brands in this industry.

ALPINION offers a broad line of diagnostic ultrasound solutions that are able to support the most demanding need from the industry covering specialties and/or applications as: breast ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, emergency ultrasound, musculoskeletal – MSK ultrasound, OB/GYN ultrasound, pain management ultrasound, pediatric ultrasound, radiology ultrasound, urology ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound, sports medicine ultrasound, orthopedic surgery ultrasound, perioperative endocrinology ultrasound, anesthesiology ultrasound, critical care ultrasound. ALPINION had developed the strictest quality controls to compete with any of the most known brands (GE ultrasound, Philips ultrasound, Samsung ultrasound, Siemens Ultrasound, Toshiba ultrasound, among others) in the industry.

ALPINION’s an innovative and recognized ultrasound brand ‘E-CUBE’ principles (‘Extreme Clarity’, ‘Efficient Workflow,’ ‘Ergonomic Design’) reflect ALPINION’s technological philosophy that provides customers with uniform image quality throughout the product lifetime.

ALPINION has focused on acoustic engineering and front-end technology since we initiated our ultrasound business. There has traditionally been a strong focus on back-end processing in ultrasound; however, we shifted attention to the front-end with a focus on the signal quality sent to system processors.

ALPINION’s research and development in medical transducer technology range from advanced diagnostic ultrasound transducers – both PZT and single crystal material, innovative and unique processing technology, and application-specific acoustic designs – to treatment transducers specialized for use with HIFU.

In the ultrasound field, ALPINION has developed the largest variety of single crystal transducers, including convex, volume convex, and phased array transducers.