Bringing excellence to daily care

The E-CUBE 12 is a great partner for the management of medical environments.

The E-CUBE 12 helps medical practitioners make quick and accurate diagnoses.
Moreover, with its simple and user-friendly features, they can provide more patients with medical services in the same amount of time. The E-CUBE 12 gives medical practitioners more time to focus on their roles and to provide patients a more comfortable and positive healthcare experience. By using the E-CUBE 12, medical practitioners can earn a deeper trust from their patients and ultimately advance their clinic’s success.

Clinical Image

Confidence to care

  • High performance system and transducers to provide high quality images
  • High-resolution images result in shorter exam times with more accurate diagnoses

Optimal Imaging Suite™ Plus

  • More accurate data by distinguishing boundaries between tissues more clearly, and by expressing richer tissue textures


  • Simply press the Xpeed™ button once to quickly optimize images in 2D Mode and Spectral Doppler Mode for different clinical cases

High performance transducers

  • High-performance Single Crystal (Crystal Signature™) transducers
  • Cost-effective C-Architecture (PowerView™) transducers

Simplified to be your best

Power Preset
  • You can load a system preset saved in advance with a single touch
  • Quick and easy application of presets will shorten the image setup time
Quick and user-friendly control panel
  • Reduce the time the user spends pressing keys and makes work easier
  • Frequently used functions can be assigned to six user keys
  • Adjustable brightness of the backlight on the control panel for a darker environment

SSD for quick examination preparation

  • The use of high-end hardware and an SSD enhances stability of the system
  • The fast booting time makes speedy preparation for examinations possible

Enhancement of Clinical Capabilities

CUBE Strain™

  • This is a non-invasive examination method that is used to assess the myocardial function more objectively
  • You can track speckles in 2D heart images, digitize the movement of each myocardial segment, and check quantified data

Needle Vision™ Plus

  • Useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle
  • During invasive ultrasound-guided procedures, the needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps
  • Ensures safer and more accurate procedures


  • Intuitively shows the relative differences in tissue elasticity caused by external pressure by using colors
  • Additional pathological information helps reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies
  • The Indication bar shows whether the amount of pressure on tissues is appropriate on a scale of 1 to 6 in real-time, adding to the credibility of results

Volume Master™

  • Alpinion’s high-performance 3D/4D features show you surfaces from volume data and orthogonal plane views which are not obtainable with standard 2D scanning
  • Can obtain anatomical data and understand the structural connectivity between regions
  • Multi Planar Rendering (MPR), Cubic View, and Multi Slice View (MSV), you can take advantage of the clinical benefits of CT or MRI

Live HQ

  • The improved Volume Rendering technology
  • Realistic volume images make fetal anatomy easier to understand, which leads to quick and more accurate diagnoses
  • Helps create a bond between the parent and the unborn baby

Everlasting Suit - Ergonomic & Valuable Design

  1. The 21.5-inch, FHD (1,920×1,080) LED monitor
  2. With the use of IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology
  • 90 mm up and down, swivel +/- 86° and tilt +10°/-90°
  1. The temperature can be adjusted in three steps
  2. Patients can relax and undergo an examination more comfortably
  1. An intuitive UI design
  2. A high-sensitivity, high-resolution 10.4-inch touchscreen
  1. Long lasting color and protection against fading and cracking
  1. The height and angle of the control panel can be adjusted easily and conveniently
  2. A sliding keyboard may be used, as needed
  1. Compact and light transducer connectors
  2. The system is slim with a small footprint
  3. Scan patients more comfortably, and disconnect or reconnect the transducers easily



Power View


IO3-12 Intraoral Transducer Leaflet

Transducer Disinfectant table

Transducer Care and Handling Guideline

Transducer Disinfectant table

Transducer Disinfectant table

E-CUBE 12 DICOM Conformance Statement

Research on PMN-PT Single Crystal

E-CUBE 12 Catalog