X-CUBE 60 provides healthcare professionals with a comfortable medical environment.
For confident diagnosis of a variety of diseases and conditions, optimal image performance has been realized
with the high-resolution image platform X+ Architecture.
X-CUBE 60 is designed to improve work efficiency and reduce user fatigue and risk of injury.
Various auto measurement tools designed for seamless workflow quickly obtain results and
the larger touch screen and newly customized control panel enhance the diagnosis comfort.
In addition, X-CUBE 60’s compact design allows the effective use of constricted scanning space.

Designed to make your daily practice easier.

Clear images with advanced technology

Clear images provide comfort and confidence in diagnosing a wide range of patients.

Auto measure & Assistant solution

X+ Assistant and a variety of automated measurement tools reduce the exam times, alleviate fatigue from frequently used functions.

Ergonomic design

It is ergonomically designed with operators’ comfort in mind and compact to increase flexibility in a healthcare environment.

Advanced Technology

Enhances Your Confidence

The excellent image quality of X-CUBE 60 is the result of Alpinion’s stand-alone transducer technology and innovative imaging algorithms.
A high resolution image allows for comfortable and reliable diagnosis in a wide range of applications.


The sophisticated parallel beamforming technology X+ FIT, improves contrast and uniformity for excellent resolution by transmitting, receiving and processing a large amount of data.

X+ Crystal signature

With the use of an upgraded single crystal material, it improves transmittance. In addition, Alpinion’s innovative backing material minimizes signal loss, improving penetration and image quality.

Harmonic imaging

With the use of harmonic signal processing technique, it has minimized signal loss, improving the bandwidth of the signal transmitted from the transducer. Artifact has been minimized, and resolution, contrast, and SNR have been improved to elaborately express the lesion without distortion.

Accelerate Precision of Diagnosis

Alpinion provides professional tools for all applications such as internal medicine, OBGYN, and musculoskeletal.
This technology helps healthcare professionals achieve accurate decision and smoothly communicate with patients.

X+ MicroView

X+ MicroView is the vascular imaging mode which displays micro blood flow. Users can observe the low speed blood flow of tiny blood vessel. This technology allows for accurate diagnosis by showing a low-velocity blood flow that has not been seen in the Color Doppler at a high frame rate.

CEUS (Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound)

This is a function to diagnose patients using various angiographic patterns that appear while a contrast medium, administered intravenously, diffuses in blood vessels and organ tissue. CEUS has many advantages in various clinical indications for liver disease.

Needle Vision™ Plus

Using Beam Steering technology, this feature is useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle. The needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps.

CUBE Strain™

As a non-invasive examination method that evaluates myocardial function more objectively, it allows medical practitioners to confirm quantified data by tracking the speckle of 2D cardiac images and digitizing the movement of each myocardial segment.

Live HQ™

Improved volume rendering technology allows for free movement of light direction and various color maps. Realistic volume image improves anatomical understanding of the fetus, allowing accurate and quick diagnosis. It also helps to form an attachment relationship between the fetus and the parent.


It is Power Doppler technology that shows blood flow direction information together with higher sensitivity than Color Doppler. It is useful for detecting the slow blood flow rate of peripheral blood vessels. (e.g. renal blood vessels, peripheral blood vessels, middle cerebral arteries, etc.)

Intelligent Tools For Easier Workflow

Fast and accurate diagnosis is a challenge for every healthcare professional.
The intelligent workflow provided by X-CUBE 60 for enhancing work efficiency delivers ultimate comfort to healthcare professionals.

Digital keyboard/ TGC

Touch screen supports users’ streamlined workflow. Alpinion understands repetitive movement from keyboard to touch screen. To increase the efficiency, drawing TGC and entering text on the touch screen is now

X+ Assistant

Keystrokes have been reduced by more than 50% compared to conventional use, reducing examination time. Optimal scanning protocols are registered according to application-specific guidelines and users can optimize

Auto measurement solution

Automated measurement solution increases exam speed and helps enhancing accuracy of exam results reducing user dependency.

Auto EF

It is an automated measurement tool that evaluates the contractile function of the left ventricle. It automatically analyzes end diastolic volume (EDV), end-systolic volume (ESV), and ejection fraction (EF).

Auto IMT

When the user draws a line in the area where the carotid intima media thickness is to be measured, the thickness will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen.

Auto Biometry

When measuring fetal EFW, Auto Biometry detects fetal HC, BPD, FL, AC, Humerus, and automatically measures the length.

Auto Follicle

To measure superovulation, this technology counts the number of follicles and measures the volume automatically.

Auto NT

When drawing a ROI box on the area to be measured during a nuchal translucency scan maximum thickness automatically measured.

Clinical Image

Design & Ergonomics



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