Portable Ultrasound Systems Vs Console Ultrasound Systems.

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Is your organization looking for ultrasound medical equipment, but they don’t know who to buy it from? Maybe they tried another seller, but they lacked the knowledge and information when you asked them questions. Here at Integra Medical Systems in Miami, we offer the best ultrasound machine. We also sell a home ultrasound machine. Along with our vast line of products, with varying specializations, we also provide real information and expertise. Integra Medical Systems LLC is one of, if not, the most active ultrasound machine/ portable ultrasound machine dealer. We have more than two decades of experience. Integra Medical Systems has hired the best professionals, and they’ve been trained to provide you with answers on the spot, should you have any for them. We serve as a representative for Alpinion Medical Systems, which is one of the most advanced companies in technology. Alpinion has the strictest quality controls to compete with many well-known brands such as Samsung. That’s how you know we here at Integra Medical Systems offer nothing but the best. We offer many different types of ultrasound equipment.


Plenty of Ultrasound Machines to Choose From

We offer both console and portable ultrasound devices. We provide a Minisono tablet for on the go. This tablet is small, compact, and simple to use. It’s designed for quick and easy use. If a patient is rushed and they need an ultrasound, then this is one of the best for that. The E-CUBE i7 is like the Minisono table, except it’s less mobile. But that doesn’t stop it from being compact and versatile. It’s still a portable ultrasound machine. It offers accurate application-specific imaging. E-CUBE 8 is a stable station ultrasound device. It’s reliable and great for patients’ individual needs and care. We offer loads more of console ultrasound machines, but both the console and portable ultrasound machine have their pros and cons, and we here at Integra Medical Systems want to give you the correct information, so that you can make a more educated purchase from us.


The Difference Between a Home Ultrasound Machine and a Portable one

There are many differences between a home/console ultrasound machines and a portable one. It’s better to know the differences before making a purchase. The five reasons to go with a portable one may be surprising. They have similar or better ultrasound imaging. They’re also easily transported. They produce very little heat. If a patient has a temperature need, then portable devices are less likely to disturb the room temperature. They’re compact, so they won’t be in the way if there’s a lot of moving to go on. And the portable devices can be transported internally easier. A console, on the other hand, also offers excellent imaging, and they save you money in the long run. Older console systems cost less to repair the older they get.


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We want you to make the most educated purchases when you buy machines with us because we care about your work. When it comes to purchasing a home ultrasound machine and a portable one, you have to know the differences. We sell both because the equipment depends on the environment. Integra Medical Systems is home to Miami. Call us at +1 (754) 317-0838 or visit our contact page for more information.