How to Choose the Correct Ultrasound Transducer for Your Medical Practice


In order to get the most out of an ultrasound scan, it is imperative that you are utilizing the best ultrasound transducers on the market. However, if you’re not sure which ones you should buy for your medical practice, you could be in trouble. Integral Medical Systems in Miami has a team of experts that can talk with you about your practice’s goals and what type of conditions you are treating to figure out which transducers are right for you. Keep reading to find out more information on the different types that are available. 


How to Choose the Right Ultrasound Transducer for Patient’s Ultrasound Scan

You’ll never get everything you can from ultrasound scans if you’re not using the right equipment with it. This includes the ultrasound transducers that are being used. However, before you can determine which type is right for you, you need to have all of the details about what exactly a transducer is, what it is used for, and the different types that are available for your medical practice to choose from. 


An ultrasound transducer is oftentimes referred to as a probe and it is the device that is responsible for producing the sound waves that bounce around and off of the tissue in the body making echoes and eventually receiving them and sending the echoes to the computer, which creates the images, or sonograms, that are displayed on the screen. After having an idea about what this piece of equipment does, it’s clear to see what it is vital for you to make the right decision because the accuracy of your scans depend on it. The most important part of an ultrasound transducer is the piezoelectric crystal. This element generates the sound waves and receives them back. Most people assume that there is only one type of transducer available to them, but this isn’t true. Below you will find out more information on a few of the different ones available!

  • Linear Transducer: This type of transducer is used for 2D imaging and has a wide footprint. It is used for a number of different tests includes Vascular, blood vessel, breast, thyroid, tendon, laparoscopy, the thickness of body fat, photoacoustic imaging.
  • Convex Transducer: This device has a wide footprint and is most commonly used for abdominal exams (like pregnancy), transvaginal and transrectal exams, as well as to diagnose organs. 
  • Phased Array Transducer: This type of transducer has a thin and narrow pinpoint. It is used for: cardiac exams, abdominal exams, and brain evaluation. 

Before making your final decision, there are a number of things you should check for:

  • Double-check to be sure that the probe you are buying is compatible with your current ultrasound system.
  • Look at the penetration depth. Although it is better at a low frequency, for example, between 2.5 and 7.5 Mhz, your image quality could suffer if it’s too low. However, you don’t want the penetration depth to be lacking if you buy a probe with a frequency that is too high. It’s a fine line. 


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