Pick the Best Portable Ultrasound Machine for Your Practice with This Guide!

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Are you currently in the search for a portable ultrasound machine, but have no idea what system is right for you? Here at Integra Medical Systems, our team of professionals wants to make sure you make the best choice. We have the echocardiogram machine you need! 


What System Do You Choose?

Portable ultrasound machines have found acceptance in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to OB/GYN, cardiology, anesthesiology & pain management, musculoskeletal, and emergency medicine. Most importantly, however, they have been responsible for transforming delivery across the healthcare industry and have impacted the healthcare process positively. Private practitioners, radiology, emergency departments, and others rely on portable ultrasound equipment to make a quick, reliable, and accurate diagnosis.


Point-of-care is another area that has flourished with portable ultrasounds, with an increasing number of patients being diagnosed and treated at point-of-care. This has enabled prompt diagnosis and treatment, thereby improving mortality and patient satisfaction.


Consider These Points When Choosing a Portable Ultrasound

  • Age: Old vs. New – Older or pre-owned models cost much less than new models but are less advanced than new ones. Between the used and new machines lie refurbished machines, which are used machines that have been upgraded. In terms of functionality and performance, refurbished machines offer more value. However, if you’re a new user and want to test the market simply, you may consider buying a used ultrasound machine that is not too old or else it would be difficult to source replacement parts.
  • Functionality – Typically, high-end machines use advanced imaging technologies to provide high functionality, which translates into more features and options. Although ultrasound machines, in general, have advanced over the years, high-end machines provide high-end features, as compared to others. If you need to perform frequent scans or need advanced imaging with a high level of details, consider high-end or mid-range portable ultrasounds.
  • Portability – Size and weight are essential parameters for portable ultrasounds. Based on the size, weight, and model type, portable ultrasound machines are divided into three categories: laptop-based, fold-down, and hand-held devices. Laptop-based and fold-down models have high-end features that are typically unavailable in hand-held devices.
  • Compatibility – Compatibility matters for all ultrasound machines, especially portable ones, as you may need to connect these to other devices or software in your practice or when you’re traveling. For instance, you may need to connect the ultrasound to your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or any other device to view, share, and transfer images. Compatibility may be an issue, especially with older machines. Even newer machines are not compatible at times with other devices from the same brand. Therefore, it would be wise to factor compatibility while choosing the best portable ultrasound machine.
  • Price – Price ranks last on this list because when it comes to choosing from the best portable ultrasounds, cost should not be the driving factor. More important factors to consider are age, functionality, performance, portability, and compatibility. If the price is the deciding factor, you may end up with an ultrasound machine that doesn’t have all the required capabilities and features, impacting your practice.


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