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Integra Medical System LLC is the a distributor of ALPINION Ultrasound Systems. One of the fastest-growing ultrasound machine companies in the U.S. competing with GE ultrasounds, Philips ultrasounds, Samsung ultrasounds, Siemens ultrasounds and Toshiba ultrasounds.


Integra Medical Systems Carries Top of The Line Ultrasound Machines

Why shop around for an ultrasound machine that is reliable and reasonably priced? We have just what you need here! Welcome to Integra Medical Systems. Located in the heart of Miami, our shop has everything you need, including am Alpinion ultrasound. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should purchase a machine, or are not sure what to look for, we are here to help!

The Benefits of Having an Ultrasound Machine!

Instant diagnosis

For a patient, waiting for an important diagnosis can be a challenge. Having to go from the doctor and then to a separate facility for an ultrasound can feel like torture enough, but having to wait for a follow-up appointment to discuss the results can make the wait even worse. By having an ultrasound machine in the office, the patient can be diagnosed more quickly. You will be able to provide your patients with an in-depth assessment of their ultrasound results in a timely manner. The doctor can recommend any follow-up treatment during the same visit.


Having an ultrasound machine in your medical facility will help make treatment more affordable for a patient. Oftentimes, many insurance companies won’t cover a separate trip to an ultrasound center on top of the original appointment. Many offices feel they can’t afford a standard ultrasound machine, as the price can range from $20,000 to $75,000. A portable ultrasound machine provides the same quality results at just a fraction of the cost.


A patient’s time is important. Many are running to the doctor’s office for a quick examination before returning to work. As a doctor, this makes it more important than ever to provide care and answers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having an ultrasound machine on-site will put an end to patients having to travel to a separate facility for the diagnostic testing they need. Instead, they can get results in the same visit.

All About an Alpinion Ultrasound

ALPINION’s an innovative and recognized ultrasound brand ‘E-CUBE’ principles (‘Extreme Clarity’, ‘Efficient Workflow,’ ‘Ergonomic Design’) reflect ALPINION’s technological philosophy that provides customers with uniform image quality throughout the product lifetime.

ALPINION has focused on acoustic engineering and front-end technology since we initiated our ultrasound business. There has traditionally been a strong focus on back-end processing in ultrasound; however, we shifted attention to the front-end with a focus on the signal quality sent to system processors.

ALPINION’s research and development in medical transducer technology range from advanced diagnostic ultrasound transducers – both PZT and single crystal material, innovative and unique processing technology, and application-specific acoustic designs – to treatment transducers specialized for use with HIFU.

In the ultrasound field, ALPINION has developed the largest variety of single crystal transducers, including convex, volume convex, and phased array transducers.

Still Not Convinced?

Our team of professionals wants to make sure you get on board when it comes to purchasing a new ultrasound, and here’s why:

  • There are many options
    • As with most other ultrasound machines, portable ultrasounds have many options depending on what you need. This gives you the ability to
    • provide your patients with even more benefits. For those doctors that perform pregnancy ultrasounds, the 3D/4D option could be beneficial for you and your patients. For the cardiac doctor, the ability to have cardiac options in a system helps to enhance your practice.
  • Saves your patients time
    • Time is of the essence for patients, whether it is because they just do not want to wait or because they have an illness that needs immediate treatment. With a portable ultrasound machine, you do not have to worry about making patients wait for an available room with an ultrasound machine.
  • Accuracy
    • One of the largest benefits of the portable ultrasound machine is the ability to ensure a proper diagnosis the first time. All too often, clinics that become too crowded or busy end up diagnosing without the ultrasound, which can lead to a wrong diagnosis. With an ultrasound machine that is portable, you can move the machine to where the patients are and give them an in-depth exam right away.

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Check out these sonography machine events happening all around the country! We have what you are looking for. Get a portable ultrasound machine for your vet clinic today! We are Integra Medical System LLC distributor of Alpinion Ultrasound Systems. One of the fast-growing ultrasound machine companies in the USA competing with GE ultrasounds, Philips ultrasounds, Samsung ultrasounds, Siemens ultrasounds, and Toshiba ultrasounds. Call our professionals today for more information on our ultrasound machine. Our ultrasound transducers are located in Miami.

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