This Is How an Ultrasound Really Works

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A handheld ultrasound is used for a number of reasons; this non-invasive machine can give a doctor an inside look at your organs! Similarly to an echocardiogram machine, an ultrasound uses soundwaves to create pictures of what is going on inside of your body. If you’ve ever had one of these tests done, you may be curious about how exactly soundwaves are used and what exactly your doctor sees in the images. That is why Integra Medical Systems in Miami wants to give you all of the details and information you need to understand these tests better.


More Information on the Handheld Ultrasound Machines

When most people think about an ultrasound the envision a pregnant woman, just like when people think about an echocardiogram machine they think of a patient with a heart condition, that is because these machines are often used by an OB/GYN doctor to see inside a mother’s body to examine how the baby is growing. However, doctors also use these machines to diagnose other conditions causing pain, swelling, or other symptoms. Ultrasounds can be used to not only diagnose conditions and infections, but they are also used to guide a doctor who is performing biopsies. 


Ultrasounds utilize soundwaves by bouncing them off of an object and listening for the waves on the return. An image is then created by measuring the bouncing sound waves, and doctors are able to see what an object looks like. The returning sound waves can have different pitches and directions, as well. All of those details depend on whether the waves bounced off a curve of an organ, the density of the fluid, and the thickness of tissue. These innovative machines use the same sonar principles that bats, ships, and fishermen use. The ultrasound imaging focuses on identifying any changes in the appearance, size, or the shape of a patient’s organs, tissues, or vessels. Ultrasounds can help doctors detect tumors or other abnormal masses that are present in a body.


When an ultrasound is performed, a technician uses a handheld device that sends sound waves into the body and receives the echoing waves. As soon as the technician presses the transducer to the patient’s skin, the machine begins sending small pulses that are inaudible to the patient or tech because of their high-frequency pitch.


There are a number of specialized ultrasounds including a doppler ultrasound. The Doppler ultrasound measures the speed as well as the direction of a patient’s blood cells as they maneuver through blood vessels. Moving blood cells change the pitches of reflected sound waves, which allows the doctor to see an image on the screen. As the sound waves are received, a computer collects the information and processes it to create colored pictures and graphs that represent the blood flow in the body. 


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