Why So Many People Use a Portable Ultrasound Machine

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One of the latest trends in the medical industry is the use of a portable ultrasound machine. This convenient and efficient device is sure to be just what your medical facility needs. Here at Integra Medical Systems, we have exactly what you need. We are proud to feature the distributor Alpinion. We are conveniently located in Miami, FL. 


The Benefits Portable Ultrasound Machine

Manufacturers and engineers are making ultrasound machines that can be carried to patients in emergency situations, or used in office environments. These smaller, portable machines allow for faster, yet still accurate, diagnosis of what is going on in a distressed body, which is especially valuable to professionals on battlefields, to EMT’s, for use at sporting events, and even for astronauts in space. Beyond emergency situations, ultrasound has many other points of care applications. For instance, before surgery or in an ICU, many anesthesiologists will use ultrasound to guide the injection of a regional anesthetic or nerve blocks. Being able to see into the body allows for a more precise needle insertion with fewer attempts and much less bruising.


With a more compact, portable scanner able to provide the same high-quality images as a larger machine, the possibilities rapidly expand. For one, it means medical teams no longer have to rely on a single machine, when a department or institution can purchase many smaller scanners with lower price tags. More and more, physicians are becoming aware of the potential of ultrasounds and are being trained on how to utilize them in their practices better. Projections indicate that within the next decade, increasing numbers of doctors, general practitioners, and medical offices will own their own ultrasound machines. Smaller, portable machines require less valuable space to house machinery with the additional benefit of being able to easily move the machine from room to room, obviating the need for a patient to wait for room availability or the inconvenience of being sent to another facility.


We Sell Alpinion

Integra Medical System LLC counts with the most advanced line of ultrasound machines and scanner for any medical specialty. Our ultrasound systems are perfect for any diagnostic specialty. This distributor offers you the best system for ultrasound diagnoses through its e-cube line.


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Integra Medical Systems LLC is one most active dealer of ultrasound machines and portable ultrasound machines in the USA through fast-growing and demanding ultrasound solutions from Alpinion Medical System. Integra Medical System LLC carries a wide variety of ultrasonography and diagnostic imaging equipment and helps you to find the right ultrasound machine for your practice.


With a broad line of solutions for diagnostic ultrasound that are able to support the most demanding need from the industry covering specialties and/or applications as: breast ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, emergency ultrasound, musculoskeletal – MSK ultrasound, OB/GYN ultrasound, pain management ultrasound, pediatric ultrasound, radiology ultrasound, urology ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound, sports medicine ultrasound, orthopedic surgery ultrasound, perioperative endocrinology ultrasound, anesthesiology ultrasound, critical care ultrasound.


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Get a portable ultrasound for your business today! We are Integra Medical System LLC distributor of Alpinion Ultrasound Systems. One of the fast-growing ultrasound machine companies in the USA competing with GE ultrasounds, Philips ultrasounds, Samsung ultrasounds, Siemens ultrasounds, and Toshiba ultrasounds. Call our professionals today for more information on our ultrasound machine. We are located in Miami.