Top 5 Benefits of Using a Portable Ultrasound Machine

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Ultrasound machines have been used in the medical profession for years as a diagnostic tool, but thanks to the advances of technology, a portable ultrasound can change the way medical offices treat and diagnose their patients. Integra Medical Systems in Miami want to make sure that everyone in the medical industry is aware of how a portable ultrasound machine can improve patient care. Keep reading to learn about some of the top benefits of these innovative devices. 


Everything You Need to Know About a Portable Ultrasound

In most cases, when people think about an ultrasound, they picture a large device that allows doctors and parents to be to get a glimpse of their growing baby. However, the ultrasounds performed during a woman’s pregnancy is only about twenty percent of the market for ultrasounds. These machines are used to diagnose and track a number of medical conditions and problems. Making this imaging technology available to more doctors and patients is going to help transform the way treatments are done. The images produced by the sound waves in these machines provide a better image than the ones produced by x-rays. Especially when soft tissue injuries are involved. 


One of the biggest obstacles that doctors were finding with these devices was their size and being unable to get them to patients in emergency situations. However, thanks to the advancements in technology over the last decade, manufacturers and engineers have created a portable ultrasound machine that can be brought to the site of an emergency situation. These devices are smaller, and they allow for doctors to get a faster and accurate diagnosis of what is going wrong in a patient’s body. Besides being used in emergency situations, they can also be used at sporting events, on an ambulance, or even in space. Also, these machines can be brought into a hospital room before surgery to help the anesthesiologist inject anesthesia into the right location. This is helpful for them because it gives them a more precise guide for inserting the needle with fewer attempts. The fact that these machines have the ability to give the same results with less equipment is beneficial for a variety of reasons. To begin departments in a hospital or medical facility no longer have to rely on one machine in the radiology department to get the answers they’re looking for because with a smaller price tag hospitals can afford to buy multiple smaller ultrasounds that can be wheeled into patient rooms. Also, there is a level of convenience for patients since portable ultrasounds are becoming increasingly popular more and more physicians, doctors, and medical offices are going to get their own ultrasound machines, which means a patient will no longer have to go see one doctor and then get told they need to go see another for an ultrasound. Chances are the doctor they originally saw will have one in their office. 


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