How Does an Ultrasound Transducer Work ?


Ultrasound imaging has been used for years, and for a number of reasons; this non-invasive machine can give a doctor an inside look at your organs! Ultrasound transducers create soundwaves during the imaging process, and pictures are produced of what is going on inside of your body. If you’ve ever had one of these tests done, you may be curious about how exactly soundwaves are used and what exactly your doctor sees in the images. That is why Integra Medical Systems in Miami wants to give you all of the details and information you need to understand what exactly ultrasounds are and how they work.


Understanding Ultrasound Imaging and How These Tests Help

Most of the time, when people think of an ultrasound, they automatically think about a pregnant woman, but that’s not the only time these tests are useful. Doctors also use these machines to diagnose other conditions causing pain, swelling, or other symptoms. Ultrasounds can be used to not only diagnose conditions and infections, but they are also used to guide a doctor who is performing biopsies. 


Ultrasounds utilize soundwaves by bouncing them off of an object and listening for the waves on the return. An image is then created by the ultrasound transducers, and the bouncing sound waves are then measured. Once that happens, doctors are able to see what an object looks like. The returning sound waves can have different pitches and directions, as well. All of those details depend on whether the waves bounced off a curve of an organ, the density of the fluid, and the thickness of tissue. These innovative machines use the same sonar principles that bats, ships, and fishermen use. The ultrasound imaging focuses on identifying any changes in the appearance, size, or shape of a patient’s organs, tissues, or vessels. Ultrasounds can help doctors detect tumors or other abnormal masses that are present in a body.


During an ultrasound, there are a number of events that happen in order for the test to be successful. 

  • High-frequency sounds pulse into your body through the ultrasound probe
  • As the sound waves enter your body, they will hit boundaries in between your tissue. So of those boundaries could be fluid, soft tissue, or even bone. 
  • Some sound waves will get reflected back and are picked up by the probe and sent into the imaging machine. 
  • The machine then works to calculate the distance from the probe to the tissue or organ boundaries inside your body by utilizing the speed of the sound and timing every echo’s return to the probe. 
  • The machine then creates a two-dimensional image of the echoes on the screen. 


The probe can be moved around the surface of your body and can be angled differently so the ultrasound tech can get different views of your organs and tissue. 


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