A Quick Introduction to Ultrasounds

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If you run a medical facility, you may be looking at an ultrasound machine for sale. These devices are used to capture images of the human body by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through it. The waves that bounce back are what create the image we’re able to see, and there are many uses for ultrasound machines. We at Integra Medical Systems have helped supply medical practices around the Miami area with these devices, and we want to make sure that if you’re looking to add one to your facility, that you have all the information you need on using one.


Steps to Using the Ultrasound

There are three main parts to using any device, and an ultrasound is no different. These include preparing the device, using it, and putting it away.

  • Setting it up
    • When setting up your ultrasound, you have the transducer, the computer, and the ultrasound gel. You’ll want to do is turn on your computer, load the appropriate software, and connect the computer to the transducer. The ultrasound gel is used on the end of the ultrasound probe, and it helps keep the image clear. Before using it on your patient, you’ll want to apply about a half-inch-thick layer over the end of the probe. Don’t be afraid to be generous with application as there’s no negative impact of using too much.
  • Using the ultrasound
    • When using the device, gently press the transducer onto the surface of the skin. Move it around while focusing on the computer screen to get a good, clear image of what you’re looking for, such as a fetus. Once you’ve found the sweet spot for a clear image, you can use the software to adjust the screen, such as the brightness or contrast, and also use it to take photos.
  • Storing it
    • Once you’re finished with the ultrasound, simply wipe off the gel on the probe with a delicate wipe. There are specific wipes you can purchase for this purpose. The key is completely removing the gel while also being gentle with the device. Once the probe has been efficiently cleaned, you can place the plastic cap on it and store it somewhere safe where there’s no risk of it falling.


Locating the Best Ultrasound Machine for Sale

Different ultrasounds can offer different benefits depending on your needs. For example, perhaps you need an ultrasound that’s portable. There are also many different apps that can be added to the software depending on the primary uses you have for the device. These are all things that we at Integra medical Systems can offer with our ultrasound devices. We have helped supply ultrasounds to medical facilities throughout the Miami area.


Contact Us for More Information

If you’d like to learn more about our devices and ultrasound apps, or are interested to know how you can receive an ultrasound as soon as possible, contact us today. At Integra Medical Systems, we can supply you with the best ultrasound machine for sale that meets every need you have. Our experts can also help you decide on the best machine and applications for the services you’re looking to provide. If you live in Miami, we can be trusted to ensure you have the best quality ultrasound for your facility.