Transducers come in all shapes and sizes for a reason

Ultrasound scan near Miami

If you’re a medical practice looking to add ultrasound transducers to your office, have you considered different options in sizes and functions? When we hear the word “ultrasound scan,” we typically picture pregnancy-related functions, but there are actually more purposes that an ultrasound can have. At Integra Medical Systems in Miami, we’ve helped supply others with ultrasound transducers and can help you understand the difference between machines so that you can pick the best for you.


Different Kinds of Transducers

First, let’s go over the basics of different transducers and what they’re designed for.

  • Sector Transducer
    • These are used primarily for gynecological ultrasounds and scans for the upper body.
  • Linear Transducer
    • These are mostly used for thyroid scans, breast scans, vascular scans, and obstetrics.
  • Convex Transducer
    • These are mostly used for ultrasounds for the pelvis area, lungs, and abdominal area.


Need an Ultrasound Scan? Choose the Right Transducer

There are a few elements to different transducers that are important to consider and look out for when making a decision on the machine best suited for your needs. Here are the specs you should consider:

  • Frequency
    • Frequency is all about the quality of the image. A higher frequency will yield a clearer image as the waves travel deeper into the body, essentially meaning more frequency creates higher-quality visuals that do a better job of painting the picture inside the patient.
  • Footprint
    • This is the part of the transducer that connects with the patient. Different sizes have different purposes depending on the area you’re interested in doing a scan for. Larger areas benefit from larger footprints and vice versa. Additionally, the wrong size footprint may not be the best tool for the job. 
  • Frame Rate
    • Much like the frame rate of your computer, the frame rate of your transducer dictacts how frequently the image on screen is being updated. This can be important in certain cases that demand more immediate information about what’s going on inside a patient.
  • Additional Features
    • There are other options when it comes to additional features for each transducer device. In some cases, there may be additional features you want, so having a device that can deliver can be a great thing.


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At Integra Medical Systems LLC, we are one of the most active dealers of ultrasound machines in the United States. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped supply many medical facilities with high-quality ultrasound tools. Our mission is to see to it that patients across the country are receiving the medical aid that they need and are proud to help supply the medical industry with transducers that work to identify problems as well as help bring new faces into this world.


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