7 Benefits Of A Portable Ultrasound Machine

Minisono recently developed an excellent top-of-the-line portable ultrasound system that provides sharper and clearer high-quality images. With a Minisono tablet ultrasound, you’ll be able to scan your patients at any location. Here at Integra Medical Systems, our US-based company in Miami specializes in providing high quality essential medical equipment, like a portable ultrasound machine, to facilities and clinics. We understand the importance of ultrasound machines. They do much more than monitor fetuses. In fact, these machines have many applications that can be lifesaving for your patients. 

How Will This Affect The Medical Community in Miami? 

With innovative technology advancing the medical community, a smaller and more portable ultrasound machine will soon become the new normal in every high-class medical facility. This new medical equipment allows doctors to diagnose and treat patients easily and quickly. 


Since they don’t take up much room, and the price is lower than standard ultrasounds, many medical professionals purchase more than one ultrasound machine for their practice. By having more than one, doctors can attend to a larger amount of patients without changing the quality of service. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a portable ultrasound machine.


Top 7 Benefits of The Minisono Tablet Ultrasound

1. Accurate Diagnoses 

Portable ultrasound machines can help doctors diagnose patients better and more accurately. In the past, doctors couldn’t always be present when ultrasounds were performed, since they were usually in another section of a large medical facility. There were times when doctors were pressured to provide medical treatment without an ultrasound, which led to misdiagnoses. 

2. Less Wait Time 

The standard ultrasound machines were usually kept at a certain facility, and doctors had to refer patients over to that particular facility. That means a waiting list and long waiting times for patients. Portable ultrasound devices eliminate the need for referrals because doctors can keep them in the same practice building and have them on hand at a moment’s notice. 

3. Affordability 

The standard ultrasound machines were much more expensive, typically costing anywhere between $20,000 to 200,000. Not all medical clinics and practices could afford that, so they would “share” the machines between departments. Since the portable ultrasound machines are smaller, there are fewer materials to manufacture, and the costs of operating them are much lower. 

4. Better Overall Care 

When doctors don’t have to send referrals and wait for results from another facility, they can provide better care for their patients. Better care also means better diagnosis and treatment. Portable devices are also used to guide injections and other interventional procedures. The devices provide radiation-free imaging, so patients don’t have to be exposed to harmful radiation anymore. 

5. Improved Accessibility 

With portable ultrasound machines, patients can receive uninterrupted care at one location without needing to be moved or referred elsewhere. Better yet, doctors can examine patients at the comfort of their own home. The same goes for the emergency room, and they can assess the patients on the spot, instead of moving them to another floor. 

6. Extra Features

Advancements in technology usually mean better features and options. Here are some of the latest features that portable ultrasound machines offer:


  • They can be very small (even mini size)
  • High-contrast resolution 
  • Image optimization options
  • Streamlined access (wifi) 
  • Color display
  • Longer-lasting power 


7. Emergency Applications

Doctors and physicians can bring the ultrasound into the room with them and perform their medical consultation with the proper information on hand. Having the information available quickly means a faster action plan that could save the patient’s life. This is really important for emergency settings. 

Does Your Medical Facility Really Need Portable Ultrasounds?

Based on the 7 benefits listed above, it’s important to consider just how much portable ultrasounds can positively impact your facility’s performance. Can these machines really save time and therefore save lives? Can they improve the professionals’ insights and procedures who would use them? If you’re on the fence about purchasing this medical equipment, we suggest you take some time to answer these questions.  

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