The Role Of Ultrasounds In Detecting Pneumonia

The Role Of Ultrasounds In Detecting Pneumonia

In the wake of the coronavirus, clinics and healthcare centers are now more determined than ever to invest in powerful and reliable equipment that can speed up the diagnosis process of respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia. The use of ultrasound machines is currently a pioneering example of pneumonia detection. As the leading ultrasound machine supplier in Miami, at Integra Medical Systems, LLC, we’re more than aware of the positive impact the latest models can bring to the cause. If you work at a medical facility that’s looking to buy an Alpinion E Cube i7 ultrasound machine for sale or any other model, we can help you. If you wish to learn more about the role of ultrasound machines in pneumonia detection and gather vital product information, read below. 


What Is the Role of Ultrasound Machines in Pneumonia Detection?

Pneumonia is a respiratory infection caused by a microbial organism that could be a virus, germ, or fungi. The troubling disease attacks lungs creating an inflammation that leads to fever, chills, breath shortness, fatigue, sweating, and chest and muscle pain. 


If not caught on time, pneumonia can severely damage the respiratory system’s capability to intake air (oxygen) and release carbon dioxide from the body. 


Pneumonia is detected using:

  • Chest X-ray. 
  • CT chest scan. 
  • MRI of the chest. 
  • Needle lung biopsy. 
  • Ultrasound chest scan. 


Out of all the methods mentioned, ultrasound scans are the fastest and safest way to detect it, allowing easy assessment of the fluid build-up that’s threatening the patient. 


Pneumonia typically attacks young children and adults older than 65. Both age groups are at a particularly sensitive stage of life. Therefore, choosing the detection method that can confirm the presence of the disease without causing additional pain to the patient is a must for health specialists.  


The overall high-quality of ultrasound machines are an extraordinary asset in the detection and further monitoring of the disease. During the treatment, the medical specialists need to withdraw fluid from the chest via thoracentesis, chest tube placements, or image-guided abscess drainage. Each process requires a visual inspection enabled by ultrasound. 


Learn About the Alpinion E Cube i7

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The innovative system architecture of the portable ultrasound machine integrates three optimal features:

  • Easy-to-use software.
  • Transducer for different applications.
  • Sliding keyword cover. 


Alyogether, the system is equipped to reproduce high-standard imaging and offer precise clinical versatility.    


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