How The Portable Ultrasound Tablet Can Assist In Detecting Coronavirus Cases

How The Portable Ultrasound Tablet Can Assist In Detecting Coronavirus Cases

Preliminary studies indicate that bedside lung ultrasound could be an effective tool used to identify patients who are afflicted with COVID-19 pneumonia, according to a preliminary study. Even though chest CT is still widely known as the modality of choice to estimate pulmonary damage, such kinds of scans may not always be available in an emergency room setting. Bedside lung ultrasound is frequently used as an alternative in order to assess patients for acute respiratory failure, frequently utilized in the diagnosis of pneumonia. Read on to learn more about how a portable ultrasound machine may be used to help detect coronavirus cases. Integra Medical Systems is the top distributor of ALPINION Ultrasound Systems, which is one of the fastest-growing ultrasound machine companies in the U.S. To learn more about the Alpinion ultrasound and how it may help your practice, call Integra Medical Systems today. 


How Ultrasound May Be An Effective Tool In Detecting COVID-19


As infection rates of COVID-19 continue to rise around the globe, researchers and medical providers are hard at work trying to find solutions to various problems that have arisen, such as diagnosis. Led by Erika Poggiali, M.D., from Ospedale Guglielmo da Saliceto, investigators in Italy evaluated whether lung ultrasound could be an effective tool in also identifying patients who have pneumonia specifically associated with the virus. They published their results in a Letter to the Editor recently in medical publication Radiology. Researchers analyzed 12 emergency department patients (nine men and three women) who had exhibited flu-like symptoms within the previous 4-10 days, as well as COVID-19 infection, in order to conclude whether ultrasound could feasibly be utilized to pinpoint COVID-19 pneumonia. The individuals in the study received both lung ultrasound and CT, and the results show that the CT scans had a strong correlation with the ultrasounds- all 12 patients had ground-glass opacity, and five patients had a crazy-paving pattern. 


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Four patients were ultimately confirmed to have organizing pneumonia, a finding that was also detected via lung ultrasound. Even though the research is still in early stages, the researchers confirmed that the results are important and could be used to impact patient care, as portable ultrasound machines could be a key tool in diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia if CT scans are not available at hand. Poggiali stated: “We are aware that our data is preliminary and further studies are necessary to confirm the role of lung ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of COVID-19, but we strongly recommend the use of bedside ultrasound for the early diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia in all the patients who presented to the emergency department with flu-like symptoms in novel COVID-19 era,” in the publication. 


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Even though findings are still in the early stages, preliminary studies have shown that ultrasound equipment may prove an effective tool in detecting coronavirus cases. This is especially impactful to patient care, as it increases detection efficiency if there are no CT scans available. Integra Medical Systems is a top provider of the Alpinion ultrasound in the USA. Call Integra Medical Systems for your portable ultrasound machine needs today!