Preventing The Spread Of Covid-19 During Ultrasound Testing

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With Covid-19 remaining to run rampant, many more people need medical assistance than normal. Because of this influx of sick people, ultrasound equipment is seeing a significant increase in use at medical facilities. While medical equipment like the ultrasound machine is continuing to help people, they can also spread Covid-19 if not properly cared for. To help combat this, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine has created a set of guidelines on how to properly conduct an ultrasound. We, at the Integra Medical Systems, as a top seller of this equipment in Miami, feel it is our duty to pass along this vital information to our future potential clients and anyone who has purchased equipment from us before. 


Staying Safe

First of all, it’s important to make sure anyone providing an ultrasound is safe. Anyone with a health condition that could put themselves at risk for Covid-19 should limit their contact with patients. Then, all medical personnel in your facility should go through infection-control training and be provided with masks. Patients should also be provided with masks if they don’t already have them and waiting rooms should not be holding max capacity. Appointments need to be spread out so that facilities aren’t swamped with patients and any patients in the waiting room should be at least six feet away from anyone else. Nobody should be in the facility that isn’t required to be there or isn’t getting treated. Disposable gloves should be worn by all medical professionals and be disposed of and replaced before seeing a new patient. Medical professionals should keep to using one hand for equipment and one for the computer or equipment controls so you are lessening the chances of cross-contamination. Once patients are treated everything needs to be cleaned and disinfected. You should pretend as if every patient does have COVID-19 when performing this cleaning. Lastly, make sure you put on all your protective gear before patients enter the room you will be performing the ultrasound.


The Best Ultrasound Equipment 

Integra Medical Systems has over twenty years of experience in providing medical facilities with equipment like the ultrasound machine. We employ professionals of varying backgrounds to ensure we are able to cover all areas of expertise and we make sure every one of our employees is properly trained with the most up to date information. We sell a wide range of ultrasound machines including ones for checking breasts, cardiac, and musculoskeletal among many other types. We represent ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, who are one of the most advanced technology companies in the world and are always on top of developing the strictest quality controls for this type of medical equipment. 


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