How The Ultrasound Is Going Mobile!

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Ultrasound technology is a vital tool in medical diagnostics used to investigate the health of an unborn child, find internal fluid build-up, or take internal measurements. However, for years this technology has been limited by its accessibility and by the bulky nature of its design. Making ultrasound portable and available to more people is the next evolution of this powerful tool. If you’re in the Miami area and looking for an ultrasound machine for sale or wish to know more about handheld ultrasound machines, let Integra Medical Systems LLC be of service to you today!


How The Field of Ultrasound is Evolving

In the late 1950s, ultrasound was a major medical breakthrough. At this time, ultrasound machines were expensive cart-based tools that could cost a hospital up to $200,000. The next innovation in ultrasound portability was a laptop version that weighed about 10lbs and cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. Though these tools served the medical field well, the next progression in ultrasounds technology has arrived in the form of handheld devices. Medical professionals can have the power of ultrasound wherever they go with handheld tools like the Minisono Tablet Ultrasound. If you’re interested in an ultrasound machine for sale, like the Minisono Tablet, let Integra Medical System LLC provide you with the help you need. 


Practical Applications of Handheld Ultrasound Machines 

Handheld ultrasonic technology opens the medical field to a world of possibility. The accessibility of this technology will be critical in growing areas like urgent care, telemedicine, and long-term care facility. Handheld devices will also allow medical professionals to utilize ultrasound in new places like isolated villages and remote battlefields. With the ability to diagnose internal bleeding or find embedded shrapnel, military medics will be able to provide a higher level of care while in the field. Portable ultrasound machines could also help airlift teams. In a noisy helicopter, a stethoscope can be nearly impossible to use, but ultrasound is a visual tool that isn’t hindered by the chaotic nature of a helicopter. 


The Future of The Industry 

Even in its infancy handheld ultrasound technology is taking the medical field to places it has never been; however, there is still more to achieve. Research has shown that ultrasound could have applications beyond imaging and diagnosis. It’s possible to use ultrasound to create a «tractor beam» to move objects within the body as an alternative to surgery. Researchers are also assessing the risks of this technology being so widespread. Some professionals in the medical field think that a handheld device may put patent privacy in jeopardy. There is also concern that universities are not transitioning quickly enough to educate the next generation of medical professionals on the technologies of tomorrow. 


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