What To Look For When Buying An Ultrasound Machine

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When your practice is looking to purchase an ultrasound machine, the decision process will include a variety of factors. Cost is important, of course, but there are also other key considerations. Will you want a portable or console ultrasound machine? What kind of imaging software best suits your needs? Would you consider purchasing a refurbished device? Just like the majority of medical equipment, ultrasound machines can become complicated fast. Choosing the right ultrasound machine is important to not just your budget, but also your clinical workflow and quality of care. It’s essential to be informed and look through all of your options prior to purchasing the ultrasound machine. Read on to learn more about what you should be looking for when buying an ultrasound machine. If you’re looking for ultrasound equipment for sale in the Miami area, call Integra Medical Systems today!


Things To Keep In Mind


If you are in the market for an ultrasound machine to use for your medical practice, there are certain considerations to keep in mind:

  • Understand your needs- One of the most important steps is to figure out a clear list of your needs. Without knowing your own requirements for your ultrasound systems, it’s difficult to choose the best-quality device. You should make a list of your requirements, such as what your primary use is for an ultrasound machine. All ultrasound machines utilize high-frequency sound waves in order to map the internal structures within the body, such as the tissues and organs. While the concept remains the same for all ultrasounds, the precise applications of each machine will vary. Ultrasound technology is a powerful diagnostic tools with widespread applications, so you need to think about your intended use for the machine prior to purchasing. 
  • Do you need a portable ultrasound?- You need to think about portability. Ultrasound machines come in portable and console versions, so you should also keep mobility in mind. Clinical workflows are important. Think about the kind of machine that would help your healthcare providers provide the highest possible quality of care.


Looking For Ultrasound Equipment For Sale?


Next, you will need to determine your budget. While cost certainly isn’t everything, it is an essential component. After you’ve listed out your needs, you will need to crunch some numbers. There are different options that are worth considering, depending on your budgetary constrictions:

  • Refurbished vs. new ultrasound machine- Refurbished ultrasound machines can be a most cost-effective option and typically can work reliably well. When negotiating with vendors, you can always drop that you’re willing to hunt for a bargain,  and if they think you’re prepared to purchase a refurbished machine instead, they may be willing to drop the price on a new machine to complete the sale.
  • The cost of installation- A lot of ultrasound machines can require installation or training for staff members. These can be additional costs that come on top of the price of the machine itself. It can go up to $6,000 depending on the device, so you should make sure to work those numbers into your budget as well.


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There are many considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an ultrasound machine. If you’re looking for ultrasound equipment for sale in the Miami area, call Integra Medical Systems today!