Which Ultrasound Machine is Best for Your Veterinary Practice?

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Do you own a veterinary clinic and are in the search for you a sonography machine? When you are shopping for this portable ultrasound machine, they can get quite expensive. That is where we come in. We are Integra Medical Systems. Located in the heart of Miami, we specialize in console systems that are sure to keep your vet clinic successful. While there are many different types of machines, it is important that you pick the right one. We are here to help. 


What Are The Different Types of Machines? 

You may be wondering what kind of machine you need. Do you purchase a portable or a console? Each design has its own advantages. Most console systems have more room for processors due to their larger size, which increases processing power and ultimately improves image quality. But today, portable systems tend to offer high image quality that is on par with smaller console systems.


Portable systems are also easier to carry from location to location within your hospital, and they allow you to diagnose patients offsite, which opens your practice to specialty niches such as equine, farm, zoo, and marine animal care.


Ask Yourself These Questions For A Sonography Machine? 

  • Do you have enough space to accommodate a console ultrasound?
    • Most systems have about a 2’ x 2’ footprint, and they are on wheels for easy portability between rooms. Make sure you have enough space to use and store the ultrasound.
  • Do you need the best possible image quality?
    • Console ultrasounds tend to offer better spatial resolution than portable systems; however, depending on your typical patient profile, a portable ultrasound may be sufficient, and it would come with the added benefit of opening your practice to specialty niches.
  • Do you need advanced ultrasound technologies?
    • Some ultrasound technologies, such as elastography and contrast ultrasound, are more commonly available in console ultrasound systems. If you rely on specialty applications or plan to in the near future, a console system may be the better choice.
  • Does your practice offer specialized diagnostic services?
    • Although console systems typically offer more advanced diagnostic features, these are not necessary for all practices. Unless you or another clinician in your practice is an internist, radiologist, or cardiologist, a portable system may be sufficient for your practice.
  • Will you treat animals outside of the hospital?
    • As previously mentioned, a portable ultrasound system will open up new revenue streams for your practice by enabling you to offer an ultrasound to other practices and niches.
  • Is space a concern?
    • Portable ultrasounds are compact and easier to store than console systems.
  • Do you need an ultrasound that can run on battery power?
    • Many portable systems can run on battery power, further increasing your ability to offer diagnostics outside the practice.


Call Us For A Portable Ultrasound Machine

Check out these sonography machine events happening all around the country! We have what you are looking for. Get a portable ultrasound machine for your vet clinic today! We are Integra Medical System LLC distributor of Alpinion Ultrasound Systems. One of the fast-growing ultrasound machine companies in the USA competing with GE ultrasounds, Philips ultrasounds, Samsung ultrasounds, Siemens ultrasounds, and Toshiba ultrasounds. Call our professionals today for more information on our ultrasound machine. Our ultrasound transducers are located in Miami.