The X-CUBE i9 is a portable ultrasound device designed to be easy to use in outdoor environments.

 It uses a 17-inch LCD, uses dual ports, and the battery is designed to be replaced on the floor. In order to make it slim and light, it was considered from the initial design stage, and it was designed to be strong against external shocks. 

XCUBE i9 Alpinion Integra Medical System

The front side is designed to give a clean image by giving a minute volume of the surface, and the control unit that looks complicated with minimal division is organized for good usability. 

XCUBE i9 Alpinion Integra Medical System
XCUBE i9 Alpinion Integra Medical System

In the dark mode, the rear LED of the button is given to provide a subtle yet good visibility, and to improve usability.

The advanced diagnostic workflow delivers Efficiency, Accuracy, and Confidence built for a better patient care for partners in sports medicine of all levels.

When portability meets DUO features

  • DUO Active Probes Full range of assessments and procedures.
  • DUO Battery Packs Optimize the opportunity for patient engagement.