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Sports Medicine & Joint Specialist

Dr. Sanjeev K. Gupta



Our team of professionals wants to make sure you get on board when it comes to purchasing a new ultrasound, and here’s why:

There are many options

As with most other ultrasound machines, portable ultrasounds have many options depending on what you need. This gives you the ability to provide your patients with even more benefits.

For those doctors that perform pregnancy ultrasounds, the 3D/4D option could be beneficial for you and your patients.

For the cardiac doctor, the ability to have cardiac options in a system helps to enhance your practice.

Saves your patients time

Time is of the essence for patients, whether it is because they just do not want to wait or because they have an illness that needs immediate treatment. With portable ultrasound equipment, you do not have to worry about making patients wait for an available room with an ultrasound system.


One of the largest benefits of having portable ultrasound equipment is the ability to ensure a proper diagnosis the first time. All too often, clinics that become too crowded or busy end up diagnosing without the ultrasound, which can lead to a wrong diagnosis. With a portable ultrasound system, you can move the machine to where the patients are and give them an in-depth exam right away.