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Console Ultrasound Systems Offer Numerous Benefits

The medical field is constantly evolving and finding better ways to keep us healthy on a daily basis. As amazing as our bodies are, there is a wide range of complications that we can experience at any given point. Having Alpinion ultrasound equipment available in your office or hospital will allow you to diagnose specific health concerns that used to go undetected. Not only will this enable the doctors to do their job better, but it will give the patients a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that works for them. If you’re looking for the latest ultrasound equipment for sale in Miami, contact Integra Medical Systems today!


What Does an Ultrasound Machine Do?
Several hundreds of years ago, the scientific community began to study how bats would use sound instead of sight to navigate their surroundings. It wasn’t until 1942 that doctors started to use the same concept in diagnosing their patients with the first use of sonography.

By using a probe, also known as a transducer, the doctors will rub the suspected area. High-frequency sound pulses are transmitted into your body and will bounce off reflective tissue, bones, etc. The probe will pick up on these reflections and send them to a machine, which will calculate the distance from the transducer to the body part.

What we are left with is a visual image of what’s going on inside a person’s body. It’s a spectacular piece of medical device that continues to see significant improvements as we learn more about the technology involved. Today, ultrasound probes are responsible for sending millions of transmissions into your body each second.

Benefits of Alpinion Ultrasound Machines
We see ultrasound machines have a variety of different uses in modern-day medicine. It has completely revolutionized the way we diagnose health issues and has helped save millions of lives since its introduction into the science community.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits we see with ultrasound equipment for sale today:

  1. They offer a painless diagnosis that involves a smooth probe and a cold or warm gel
  2. Safer than X-Rays because they don’t expose the patient to ionizing radiation
  3. Soft tissues don’t usually show up on an X-Ray, but they do in an ultrasound image
  4. Widely-accessible and a rather inexpensive form of diagnosis
  5. As technology improves, so do the clarity of the images
  6. They have portable versions that look like a laptop, increasing its validity of use outside the office
  7. Very quick and easy for both the doctor and patient
With ultrasound equipment getting more advanced each year, it is quickly becoming one of our favorite technological advances in the medical field over the past hundred years.
Looking for Top-Of-The-Line Ultrasound Equipment for Sale?

While most hospitals and doctor’s offices will make use of an ultrasound machine daily, many haven’t upgraded their equipment in some time. When you trust the newer and more advanced equipment, you increase your chances of giving your patients a speedy and accurate diagnosis.

If you’re looking for ultrasound machines that Miami doctors and physicians trust, Alpinion ultrasound equipment is rated as one of the best. They have a wide variety of console and portable devices available and are continually looking for ways to improve them. Contact us today to view what we have available today!