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Ultrasound machines are one of the most essential components of a medical practice, being a widely used diagnostic tool. If you are looking for a portable ultrasound machine for sale, Integra Medical Systems can help! With more than two decades of experience, Integra Medical Systems LLC is one of the most active dealers of ultrasound machines and portable ultrasound machines in the United States. Integra Medical Systems is proud to represent Alpinion Medical Systems as one of the most advanced companies in technologies associated with ultrasound as the high-class crystal transducer technology. Headquartered in South Korea and part of ILJIN Groupis, Alpinion is one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry. This is why Integra Medical Systems is the number one distributor of Alpinion’s Minisono Tablet Ultrasound Machine In the USA. Call Integra Medical Systems today to order your Alpinion minisono tablet ultrasound machine!

Alpinion’s Minisono Tablet Ultrasound

Alpinion provides a broad range of diagnostic ultrasound solutions in order to meet the most demanding needs from the industry, offering specialties and/or applications such as: breast ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound, emergency ultrasound, musculoskeletal (MSK ultrasound), OB/GYN ultrasound, pain management ultrasound, pediatric ultrasound, radiology ultrasound, urology ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound, sports medicine ultrasound, orthopedic surgery ultrasound, perioperative endocrinology ultrasound, anesthesiology ultrasound, critical care ultrasound, and more. Alpinion’s Minisono Tablet Ultrasound is a handheld ultrasound device that is able to fit many doctors’ needs. Specialty doctors offices require an ultrasound machine for many different procedures, and Integra Medical Systems offers solutions through the Minisono Tablet. Here at Integra Medical Systems, our team of professionals is available to make sure that you are informed regarding everything you need to know so that you can make the most informed purchase. 

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The Alpinion Minisono is a new generation, tablet-based ultrasound diagnostic system smaller, simpler, and more compact than all of the older, bulkier, and more complicated systems. The Minisono can be connected to a Microsoft Surface tablet and perform ultrasound scans through software supported by the Windows platform. Designed for quick and easy use anytime, anywhere, the Minisono can be used conveniently environments that are space and time constrained, such as clinic, hospital, ward, emergency room, or operating theater, while still providing the highest quality diagnostic examinations. You can take the Minisono anywhere, ushering in a new paradigm in ultrasound diagnosis. The Minisono is revolutionary in its lightness and compactness, making it easy to move. Since it’s both small and portable, the Minisono can be put into use conveniently even in tighter spaces without having to shift around the position of the patient or other devices. With the Minisono, you are able to scan a patient exactly when the need comes up and make a diagnosis fast- anytime and anywhere. It allows doctors to perform scans on patients up close and share the screen to let the patients understand the process. This provides a more comforting experience that can assist the patients in feeling more relaxed, increasing their trust and comfort throughout the examination.

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Integra Medical Systems is the number one distributor of the Alpinion Minisono in the USA. Contact Integra Medical Systems today If you are searching for a portable ultrasound machine for sale, and for all your other medical equipment needs!

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